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Delivering effortless aesthetics since 2015, BFORU is synonymous with refined luxury and sophisticated simplicity. With a natural affinity for clean silhouettes and an unequalled modern sensibility, la collezione BFORU embodies eternal grace but never loses sight or lets go of their enduringly provocative and sensuous edge. Compelling, cutting-edge, and with stunning style credentials BFORU look has never been so transcendent or complete. From the timeless handbags, unique pieces handmade in Italy, to the silk scarves, inspired by american pop-art, BFORU is an inimitable icon of the casual look. BFORU ladies outfits always possess elegant style, celebrate their individuality and refuse to compromise on form or functionality. Redefine your aesthetic. Reject the rules. Embrace the iconic. Be a BFORU woman.
Show off a lively look

The style of a person can be seen from the attention to detail of what he wears.

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How many things your bag can tell

In this fast-paced era, the triumph of accessories is easily explained.

People dress more and more in a destructured and casual way… bags and details have remained to give a sexy touch to every look, to make it unique and never ordinary.

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BFORU bags are timeless fashion accessories, made to be lived intensely every moment of your life.

Discover Elisabeth, the latest BFORU model from the new Fall Winter 2022/23 collection.

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